Magic Brushing Mist – Dog Detangler & Deodorizing Spray, Coat Conditioner, Floral Scent, 5.8 fl.oz (170ml)


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  • OIL+WATER STRUCTURE (NOT JUST WATER!) – Our spray is composed of double layer: oil and water. The oil is extracted from a herb raw material called “Shikonin” which is well known for relieving itchiness and irritated skin. The water layer is Chamaecyparis Obtusa Water base which is a hypoallergenic substance that is effective enough to moisturize dry hair & skin.  Make sure to shake the bottle before use. It will make the more shining and nourishing coat & skin of dog/cat.
  • DETANGLER FOR MATTED HAIR – The oil substance helps not only to easily detangle dog’s/cat’s matted hair but also nourish damaged hair strong and healthy which reduces the chance of matting again. We recommend you use the product between baths or right after a bath. Spray the product 2 to 3 times and brush gently with comb. You will smell a nice floral scent every time cuddling your cat and dog!
  • REDUCDES STATIC ELECTRICITY – If you want extra care in reducing static electricity, all you need is a MOISTURIZATION. Spray our product and gently brush the hair. Now, you may kiss and hug your baby without any worries about static electricity issues!
  • HYPOALLERGENIC NATURAL INGREDIENTS – No chemicals and preservatives are contained. All the ingredients have received “EWG Green” grade which means there are no harmful substances.
  • EXPERTS DEVELOPED, VET APPROVED – Our Dream Pet Expert Team: Veterinarian, Medical Doctor, and Korean Medical Doctor, carefully selected and tested the ingredients to make sure there must be NO SIDE EFFECTS & ALLERGY. Best daily grooming care item without any worries!!
  • SPECIAL FINE MIST SPRAYER – Our fine mist sprayer is special. It is designed as a semi-automatic which is super convenient and smooth that sprays to a wide area. The best part is that you won’t hear any noises and neither do your little ones. Also, the fine mist sprayer reduces the chances to trigger sneezing!


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