Snake Dangler Cat Toy


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Introducing the SNAKE DANGLER, the dynamic and interactive cat toy that will keep your feline friend entertained for hours.

This unique toy features a dangle stick and a snake plush toy that is designed to stimulate all of your cat’s senses.

The snake has feathers, strings, and bells that will trigger your cat’s sense of touch, sight, and sound, ensuring that they will be captivated from the moment they see it.

The snake’s body is flat, allowing it to move and dangle in a way that will be irresistible to your cat. The bungie cord linking the dangler and the plush toy together will provide an added layer of excitement, as it will cause the snake to sway and bounce back and forth.


  • Dangler: 60″
  • Size:1.75” x17“x1.253”
  • Feathers


  • Polyester

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