Ximei Dog Booster Car Seat



  • -【Sturdy Enough ,Easy To Use 】- The product is made of sturdy foam, which is stable in shape and firm, no matter how the dog moves, it is not easy to deform.
  • – 【Suitable For Small Dogs】- Recommended for pets up to about 10 lbs. Only for small pets, not suitable for fat and large pets (Below 10lbs is the most suitable). Pet length is not recommended to exceed 13.4 in(34cm), the width does not exceed 6.3 in (16cm)
  • -【Better View 】- Small pets(dogs, cats) can stay by our side, pets can look out the window and into the distance, staying on the console seat can keep them quiet and happy.
  • -【Measure Your Car Console Seat】- Recommend that you measure your car’s console first, So that the seat you buy can match your center console smoothly. Product External dimensions (L*W*H ): 17.44in (44cm) * 10.23in (26cm) * 9.05in (23cm)
  • -【Easy to Clean】- Zipper design, it can be completely disassembled by opening the zipper, Removable washable, easy to clean. After you receive the seat, you can unfold the seat, squeeze it appropriately, and squeeze out the shape you want (length * width can float within a certain range).


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